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For technical and sales questions or for general inquiries about our software and company you can contact us at the email addresses below.

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For non-technical questions and urgent inquiries you can also contact us at the following phone number: +40 373 78 20 75

Technical Support

Please check the Online Documentationonline documentation and Source Code Samplessource code samples before contacting us by email. Please make sure you have included the purchase order ID from ShareIt in your email in case you already purchased a license for our software, otherwise please specify that you are in process of evaluating our software. We normally respond to our priority technical support subscribers in maximum 24 hours during business days. To the emails not coming from a priority technical support subscriber we respond in maximum 72 hours.

About Us

Winnovative Software Solutions is a worldwide leader in providing components and solutions to help software development companies to accelerate the development, design and reliability of their software products. Winnovative Software Solutions is a trading name of Romanian company No Limit Software. We are committed to constantly innovate and improve our software products to keep up with the fast technology changes and to offer the best possible choice of software solutions available in the market.

Winnovative Software Solutions has a history of more than 10 years in creation of PDF tools for software developers and software development companies. The experience accumulated in all these years is helping us now to create more reliable tools, to innovate and to offer better technical support to our customers.

Our HTML to PDF Converter product is recognized to offer the most accurate translation of HTML documents into PDF documents. The HTML to PDF Converter is also part of our toolkits which offer a lot of very useful tools to merge, split and secure existing PDF documents, to convert PDF document to text, images and HTML or to convert Office documents to PDF.

A large number of important companies and institutions from all over the world are currently using our software tools. You can check a short list of Customersour customers to see how many organizations from various domains of activity are using and trusting our products.